Web design services

Our goal is to design attractive web sites that are easy to navigate. We believe in order for a web site to be effective it has to be able to communicate the customer’s ideas and give the visitor an easy way to find those ideas.

As a professional designer, it is our business to give clients attractive web sites that are easy to navigate with an edge over competitors.

Our Web Design Process

My plan

Will listen to your ideas, desires and needs. I will stick to your marketing agenda, if you are unsure of how to approach or execute it, I will offer a creative web solutions. You will also only be dealing with one person throughout the whole design.

My design

I approach the design with the goal to reach your target destination. I ensure you receive a product, which suits your specific goals best.

Site Maintenance

I offer a yearly maintenance plans that will fit all website sizes and needs.

The maintenance package covers:

  • Bug Fixes
  • Content Updates
  • Code Review
  • Navigation Checks
  • Link Validation
  • Periodic Design Updates